Brazilians trading Forex


I just recently got involved with Forex - to be more specific, I started learning early June. BabyPips was such a great find to me, so much info, discussion, etc,etc, and I’m very satisfied with this community!

However, one thing is still bugging me: the almost non-existent amount of brazilian traders or brazilians involved in general discussion. Our country still doesn’t have any regulated brokers or publicity related to this niche; the fact is, many people here think that Forex is either a big scam or a big joke. This is probably due to some surreal advertisements that we see often, things like "“Get 100% profit trading forex!!!”.

Going back on-topic, I wanted to meet brazilians that trade Forex! It would be great to share info and experiences with some fellow countrymen.

No need to find country specific persons. We have a good community here

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