Break even is also a win

Season greetings Pippers. I hope everyone had a splendid year.

How are our accounts looking out there? Are we in the green or red?
Well, it doesn’t matter what color your account balance is. What matters most is that you are not out of the game. If you did not blow your account, you got to be proud of yourself. If you finished the year above break even, that is a win and deserve to be celebrated. If you finished the year in the red but still have a balance to trade, congratulate and motivate yourself to trade out of that draw down.
Draw down is not the end of the world. You can spend the whole year in draw-down and still bounce back as long as you do not allow emotions to ruin your trading plan.

One of my accounts was in the woods for the entire year, but managed to crawl back to break even. This was such an important achievement because it taught me a few lessons that would be priceless pillars of my psychology.

1. Trust your system
I had a strategy that went well for a few trades. Instead of sticking to it, I switched when a losing streak hit my front door. That sent my account deep in the woods. Funny enough, whenever I went back to my original strategy, my account would start to show positive results.

2. Win rate is not the holy grail
On this particular case, the win rate may be a bit skewed since I had a moment of disobedience to my strategy. However, the account is currently at break even with a win rate that is as low as 39%. The results may have been better if I stuck with my original strategy for the entire year.

3. Patience is key
It is of paramount importance for a trader to be patient. You have to patiently wait for the setups that satisfies your trading plan. As for my case, I only had 145 trades for the entire year. This is because I believe that I do not have to trade daily, and thus I trade off the daily time-frame.

4. Not every month is profitable
Like I said earlier, I spent the entire year in the woods. That means most of the months were red. The few green ones were not even green enough to entirely erase the red ones. It’s all evident on the screen shot below

5. risk management is the holy grail
Imagine what could have happened if I was risking 10% per trade.I could have blown the account before the first world war. My strict and consistent risk management rule helped me stay in the game long enough to learn the important lessons the market wanted to teach me. My absolute draw down was less than 4% with a relative draw-down of less than 6%. I mean how on earth shouldn’t I be proud of myself?

I conclusion, it was a tough year for me, but it wasn’t entirely bad. To me, break-even is a win. I am aiming to improve and put to practice all the lessons I learnt from this account.
Happy New Year Fellow Traders


I’m glad you got back on track! Great job!

Right! It took me a while to internalize this. Just because you can trade, and you want to trade, that doesn’t mean you should.

I used to worry about the significance of every candle. I was all over the place, like a squirrel.

It sure is. Keep going!


Congratulations on your persistence and learning a valuable lesson to return to your plan.

And congratulations on getting recovering from your drawdown back to break even.

I wish you a wonderful 2024.

Happy new year!


It took me a long time to figure this as well, until I read somewhere that " No position is also a position"

Thank you. That’s the spirit going further.

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Thank you so much. I also wish you all the best in your trading journey this year.

I’ve read the same thing here on babypips. That phrase was an eye-opener for me, too!


I believe babypips is the one platform that taught me a whole lot of what i know now. It is a University on its own.


always be a win balance!

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This is such a huge help when you’re being too hard on yourself. But also, kind of sucks if someone DID end up blowing their account :sweat_smile:


Thank you for your post.
Break-even is of course better than having losses.

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Surely it sucks to blow an account. I have been there once :sweat_smile:. But its not the end of the world, they can still do better. I did better :slightly_smiling_face:

My pleasure :blush:

Indeed, it’s an amazing platform to learn new things daily.

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Love the honesty!, unfortunately many, many forex traders have delusions of grandeur and this is highly attributed to many blow-hards on Youtube etc that show these preposterous win numbers that they supposedly gain!, as most of all know this is all click bait and in most part BS, as with around 90 - 95% fail rate in forex traders, us that work hard at this game can easily see through their smoke and mirrors, folks always remember if their win rates were so high then corporations would be hiring them and they would not have the time to post videos everyday! YT is their source of Income not forex trading!
To all my fellow “honest” forex traders on this forum Good luck for 2024 and keep to your proven TA strategy and as the poster mentioned stick to levelheaded steady risk management and may you prosper.

Honesty is key, especially in trading. This is the one profession where dishonesty is an unnecessary expense. I mean you cant fool the market. Those fellas on YouTube are always selling something.Those cooked up results are just a marketing tool to lure newbies to purchase their garbage thinking they are the real deal.

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