Break Out Boxes + Indicator

Hello Every Body

Disclaimer : I do not own the system neither the indicator , i only wanted to post this for the benefice of the community and to ask for some help.

There is many break out systems but this one in particular using it’s indicator do all the work for you , all you need is to wake up in the morning and set your orders then come later to collect the profits.

Sounds too good to be true so let’s take a look at it then we can judge it :

As you can see it gives you the sell & buy orders , 3 TP and a SL
Suggested time frame : 15min
Pairs : ALL
You can change TP & SL and set the Alarm when TP hits
You can change time set to match your broker server

There are 3 different session to start trading so if you missed the London Breakout you move on to NY session by just changing the options :

Well we all know the market could reverse in any sec so you can’t get all of the 3 TP every time so it’s better to take your 1st profit then move the SL of the rest of your position to your entry point then at TP2 move your SL to TP1


Time Frame : 15min
Pairs : ALL , you better apply it on more then 3 pairs so you have diversified positions in case one of them hits SL you’ll have more that hits TP
Session : Best results on London , so you have to set your orders 1H before it opens
You could just aim for 1 TP on multiple Pairs in different sessions which gives you Huge profits


I would really appreciate if there is someone here who could transform this Indicator to an EA that makes the 2 orders provided for the session and when 1 order is triggered the other is canceled , also moving the SL after each TP to secure the position

Edited : I couldn’t upload the indicator so could any moderator download it bit[.]ly[/]YQVeoP and the put it here .



Looks like it could be good system, Where would one find the indicator for this as per your charts?

Hello, first I would like to wish you a successful day of work, I have to find your site and can babypip share trading system is very good but I can not find the file in all earn share of you, now I am writing to urge you to help me for my share of the trading system Break Out Boxes + Indicator I thank you very much

Hello , it’s been a long time since I checked this and I’m sorry I do not have the indicator file / template . I’ll do a little search when I got time to see If I can find any link .

That didn’t take me long , I can’t share the link of another forum here but you can go to forexfactory website and search for this thread " Need EA for Break Out Boxes " , you’ll find my post and the link to download the indicator .

I know this style, Bob’s magic boxes. The boxes never lie bro. But trading off them is a whole other reality. I know it’s an old thread but Bro, it’s nice posting some s|e|x|y pictures but the reality of it is the market cares not for these mathematical levels. My guess it became too hard and you gave them up.

My work suggest tick charts are best, 1min, 5 min or 30 min also works. Certainly not a 15 min chart. Always shot for a 1:1 RR. And stick to the majors. Spread and commision will eat you alive. London is probably the worst session to trade them. But I’m giving away trade secrets. Don’t ask for someone to do the hard work for you. Do it yourself!