Breaking: Huge Explosion in Beirut

This is insane. Wonder what happened!!! :sob:

I just seen a recording of this… it was MASSIVE!! Hard to believe there aren’t more people dead with the size of it. Terrible news :worried:

It’s getting even worse…

Watching phone videos from people giving me goosebumps. So tragic. Government’s incompetence is incredible. :sob:

I saw a comment from a Lebanese the other day, she said, “This country is cursed.” That really resonated with me, the resignation in that tone. :worried:

Tragic. :frowning: I saw this on my feed the other day and I was just speechless. :frowning: Just when I thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse. :frowning: Praying for Beirut. :pray:

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It’s so sad and heartbreaking to see how so many lives and properties have been destroyed.



The Govt. resigned saying now the fate of the country rests in the hands of God.

So the country is in crisis and they just quit?!

What in the… Now this is a REAL cluster****. :rage:

They’ve enforced a state of emergency giving the military sweeping powers to declare curfews and prevent gatherings in public along with censoring media.

With the city in the state it is aren’t curfews a good idea? To prevent looting?

Oh my. :frowning: Censoring the media is never a good sign. :confused: I pray for all the people in Beirut. I hope they don’t experience any more abuse after what they’ve been through. :open_mouth: 2020 is just a sh**show

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This is utterly horrible!

This entire year needs to chucked into an active volcano, in my opinion.

Oh let’s not be mentioning active volcanoes now :rofl:

Hahahaha true, I should not have put that thought out into the world in 2020.

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This is my cue not to joke about aliens invading. :joy:

What do I keep saying lol do not even mention them here!!! HAHA

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