British Pound At Risk With Disappointing Growth Figures Ahead


Japanese Yen To Strengthen As Risk Appetite Wanes[/B]

[B]Fundamental Outlook for Japanese Yen: [/B][B]Bullish[/B]

The Japanese Yen may continue to strengthen against its major counterparts over the following week as market participants curb their appetite for higher risk/reward investments, and the low-yielding currency should benefit from safe-haven flows as investors weigh the outlook for a global recovery. The World Bank lowered its growth forecast from March and projects the world economy to contract at an annual pace of 2.9% this year amid an initial forecast for a 1.7% drop in global growth, and the dour outlook held by the bank suggests rising energy costs paired with deteriorating trade conditions are likely to hamper the prospects for future growth. At the same time, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicts the global recovery to be ‘slow and fragile,’ with the economic downturn expected to have a lasting impact on the world economy as the group anticipates a permanent increase in the cost of capital. The comments foreshadow a weakening outlook for future growth as businesses face rising input costs paired with fading demands from home and abroad, and fears of a protracted recession could lead the Yen higher as investors turn risk adverse.

As a result, the USD/JPY may continue to trend lower as risk trends continue to drive price action in the foreign exchange market, and the pair may make an attempt to test the May lows in the week ahead as pair continues to retrace the advance from earlier this month. On the other hand, the economic calendar is expected reinforce an improved outlook for future growth as economists forecast industrial outputs to jump 7.0% in May, which would be the biggest rise in over half a century, while manufacturing activity is anticipated to fall at a slower pace in the second quarter. Market participants project the Tankan manufacturing index to rebound from a record-low of -51 to -43 in the second quarter, while the gauge for business expectations is anticipated to increase to -34 from -51, and the data could encourage an improved outlook for global growth as the Bank of Japan forecasts economic activity in the world’s second-largest economy to recover in the second half of the year. Meanwhile, retail spending is expected to contract for the ninth consecutive month in May, with the unemployment rate projected to increase to 5.2% during the same period, which would be the highest since 2003, and the data could foster a weakening outlook for the world economy as the downside risks for growth and inflation intensify. - DS