Broker Advice for a Newbie (bet its the 1st time you all been asked this) lol

Hi Guys,

I’m just dipped my toes into the world of Forex and after reading countless books, watching video after video teaching Forex Trading I am eager to get started and amerce myself. Obviously with a demo account first.

The trouble is i’m finding it hard to choose a broker. I set my sights on a broker then only to read in forums and see on sites people say to stay away for 1 reason or another. I then start second guessing myself. I really don’t want to waist time getting used to a brokers platform if its not going to be in my interest to trade with them.

I live in England, does it matter where the broker is based? Does a dealing desk really matter? Most important who are you guys trading with and would you recommend them?

Any help from any of you great people would be greatly appreciated!!

You got the point, it is not easy to find a good broker. You have to take your time and observe the situation. Every person is an individual. So first things: what are the important factors for you when choosing a broker?