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Yep, in fact I do hold multiple accounts and can easily transfer funds between those. However, many brokers do ask to request withdrawal only if all the positions are closed.

No you don’t. Just deposit straight from your crypto wallet.

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Could you please explain how to deposit/withdraw crypto and which broker and crypto wallet you use.

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I use EagleFX and just deposit straight from my Kraken wallet(I moved from Coinbase as hated them).
THe process is quite straightforward tbh and they have 24/7 staff(EagleFX if you need help).

Then you just wait for the blockchain as with any other crypto payment.

It is quite simple with Coinexx too. I use wallet to transfer the funds and I get them in 20-30 minutes in my trading account. Same with withdrawals, I just need to give the crypto currency I want the withdrawal in and crypto address and they process my withdrawal within in a day.

This is very interesting approach and I can imagine why. Thank you!

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It is interesting because it is simple and quick. Sometimes, I use Coinexx’s bank wire option as well but it takes very long for the funds to reach my trading account and then to withdraw as well. So I prefer this quick method. However, if someones’ concerned about the security of the transaction then bank wire is definitely the first option.

It’s better to steer clear from brokers that just entered the space if you want to get predictable trading results.

I get the impression that maybe they chose these brokers as they’ve got nice affiliate/IFB offers?

I know you mentioned a few solid brokers here but I’m a little bummed that mine isn’t on the list. I think there are more legit ones out there and that people should compare multiple options from different lists and reviews so that they don’t miss out. Forex Peace Army is helpful for that.