Broker For Scalping For UK People

Hi everyone,

Im new to forex, looking for a good broker for scalping that is best for people in UK.

Im ready to trade live and been looking at brokers reviews but all i see is problems people experiencing with price manipulation, withdrawals problem, balances get taken by brokers and trade history deleted due to price changes like TradersWay even big known ones like IG. I didn’t know that closed trades can still be invalid to broker and wont pay you out for the winnings you’ve made if they believe market prices changed.

Its getting harder to find a broker than i thought. Im all confused. Please help.


Hi check LMAX offer Regards Greg

Hi, I have the same problem, been studying the forex for 3 months and unable to find a decent broker that’s reliable to withdraw money easily without fee and best U.K. I also been checking some brokers out, and checking their reviews by customers on trust pilot, which has confused me furth6to which one to choose. I would like to do normally day trading scalping

Please can you find me one that is:

FCA Regulated
Has low spreads with no commission
Has a leverage close to 1:500

Thank you


LMAX, Tickmill, Hotforex these are great brokers to try. To become industry veteran you have to survive competition and you’re unlikely to do that if you cheat with clients or manipulating. Also they all have FCA license which is important fact for UK traders.

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I have two friends from London using Forexchief broker. I am sure UK traders are not limited to certain brokers like the US traders. You are free to even use AU brokers.

I would recommend Tenkofx. They’ve been rock solid for years, especially the tight spreads, which is very much needed by traders like me. You also get to use higher leverage on stock or commodity trading if you want.

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Many brokers will only offer you forex trading in the UK if you’ve already got £500,000 personally invested. Spreadbetting or CFD trading are much lower cost alternatives, though spreads are more costly (especially for scalpers) and some SB/CFD providers don’t allow scalping at all, while leverage is down to 1:30 for major forex pairs under ESMA rules.

The broker Tenkofx has been on since 2011. The reviews I see on google is good as well. Maybe worth giving a try. I am still checking other brokers, while using a demo on mobile phone.

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Hi I just checked the review of this site and its a scam.
Here is the website link why and it’s not regulated with FCA.

ForexChief scam revealed

It is regulated by the financial authority that is known as a regulator of scam brokerages. The broker lures beginner traders with the small minimum deposit and offerings that look great on paper but in reality are part of the scams.23 Apr 2019.

Plus check this site

forexnewsnow . com/ reviews/ forexchief/

I hope this helps


Thanks for brokers. I have done my research on the brokers and decided to go with Hotforex to my liking. Checked LMAX, minimum deposit is too high, although good for near future.

Thank you so much