Broker in Spain

I just started with a real acc in FXCM but the leverage the give is very low and for small operations they block a lot of money.
So is there a good broker in Spain that gives more leverage than 1:20?
Thank you

Hi, you can open account around the world :slight_smile: .Regards Greg

Hi, it has a low leverage because of the esma ruling. It’s really there to protect beginners so they dont trade large positions with poor risk management and blow their account.

If you are classed as a professional then you can get higher leverage. Or you can open with a broker from outside EU for larger leverage. Do you really need more leverage? What account size are you starting with? Most traders do not need more leverage.

you want more leverage? Go to an unregulated broker founded at virgin islands or whatever. 100% assured losing everything very fast. That is what you are looking for and is what you will get. Better option: donate to charity