Broker List

Im shopping for a broker but im getting dizzy. There are too many out there, can anyone suggest a forex broker based on peronsal experience and their good standing.

Is a good broker? how is their reputation?

So far i got:

There’s a list in this thread.

I’ve been using to learn forex altogether.
Rumus (their trading platform) is ok for demo purposes only. Meaning, blast your $5,000 right into oblivion if you want.

pros: fairly easy to use. The offer $100 if you open an account with them. 5 pips. day and night.
cons: low activity forum. Rumus slow to respond. Awful if you are behind a firewall or proxy server. you can lose opportunities.

I did find their name here hxxp://
and as far as I know, they are not blacklisted.

I’ll google the broker’s list somebody replied to my thread. Thanks daydreamer65 by the way.