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Hello everyone

Since I joined the babypips community last week I have already learned a lot, thanks to babypips and the people who helped me BUT also youtube! I have found that there is a lot of free information online, from which you can learn a lot! As long as you follow the right people.

As I mentioned, I have a demo account on Trading212. I think it’s a great working demo account, yet I read mixed opinions about Trading212.

In a few months I plan to switch to real money and im wondering if there are any brokers that are REALLY reliable? I am looking for reliable brokers who are authorized and regulated by the FCA.

Hi, check LMAX. Regards Greg

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Hi I’m new myself so please feel free to disregard what I say lol But a couple of my mentors recommend Hugo’s Way as a good place for me to start along with a demo MetaTrader account. Like I said I don’t know if they’re 100% vetted but I haven’t heard any complaints in my circle yet. Good Luck!

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but hugosway is an unregulated broker. i think the OP is looking for a regulated one

pepperstone, exness, ava trade, fxview are good ones

can a small retail trader set up a account with them or are they open to professional category traders?

Well, the best way to find a broker is through recommendation from a pro trader who is successfully cashing out on a regular basis. Some brokers are serious for business while others just here to frustrate us. Look for the easy ones that have had a long standing and positive relationship with traders. Check reviews online as well. I use Forexchief for fx trading and TD for stock.


LMAX is open for retail clients but amount to open account is high

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I am using fxview and oanda, both are fca regulated besides some other financial authorities they come under. But if you are happy with trading 212 then just stick with it. You will always find negative reviews about everything, that’s just how it is.
On second thought you can compare the trading cost of trading212 with fxview and decide on which one works out to be less expensive for you. I find the trading cost of $2 entry and exit very reasonable so saying.

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But do you also know a broker that offers both forex and stocks?

Hello! Forex trading is not just trade something. There is a type of account important for me. I like changing my strategies and I need different options for it always. FBS one of the best brokers for trading accounts and I have different accounts for my styles. Who likes variations definitely should try them. You can check i it is suitable for you bit. ly/389RkA7

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Can you tell some good sites where we can see the reviews? or Are all reliable?

Forexpeacearmy(FPA) is good.

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Thanks, I’ll check out.

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There are no reliable website to see reviews as these third party forum used to have advertising elements. So try out yourself instead of listen to others. Ofcouse, please do some home work before you deposit and start trading.

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Check also Hotforex or Tickmill. They both have FCA license also they offer multiple account types and flexible transaction costs theme. No questions to execution.

i think etoro have both, though i don’t have any experience with them.

Fxview is pretty reliable for forex.

Thats a good advice. Funding with a small sum can surely help us get a better view.

I’m a beginner in forex and have been trading with a demo account for four months, looking for a reliable broker with ASIC or FCA regulation that has been active in the forex for a minimum of ten years?