Broker spreads into a position

When adding broker spreads to your position(let’s use 1 pip for example, to account for the spread of the broker would you move your stop loss down a pip from (from trading view price level) to account for the spread? and you factor in the broker spread in your entry and take levels or does that only applies to your stop loss?

The spread is the difference between the market’s Bid & Ask levels. No need to adjust for it. You’ll always buy the lowest Ask and sell to the highest Bid.

A limit order will provide liquidity, and has a very low chance of slippage. A market order like a Stop Loss will demand liquidity and may cause slippage when triggered.

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Adjust stop loss down by broker spread to ensure it’s hit accurately. Factor broker spread into entry and take profit levels as well to account for total trading cost.

Remember that most brokers’ charts show bid prices only. The ask price is always higher. That’s why people are sometimes shocked to see they have just got into a trade, price has not moved but their platform already shows they are in the red.