Broker with 0% Margin with 100% Offset Trades?


I look for a Forex Broker who offers 100% Hedges, means with 1 buy and 1 sell order of the same volume for the same pair the result would be a margin of 0.

I noticed Exness offers that, but InstaForex and FxGlory don’t. So is there another broker like Exness with the same hedge feature ? I prefer to spread my cash around different brokers to be more safe.


Is it possible to find such broker?

Dunno, haven’t found one except Exness so far.

Yes there are but it depends on what really you looking for ?

As it should be like a complete package for the strategy you looking to work with !!

You say it wrong 100% Hedge = dont not equal to Zero

Let me Explain for you
when you buy 1 lot for Margin 100$, and than sell 1 lot for 100$ Margin (Hedge = Zero) which is 0% Hedge not 100%

0% hedge = Zero
25% Hedge means you Pay 1/4 from the 400$ = 100$
50% Hedge means you pay for 1/2 the the 400$ = 200$ (or consider still as 1 lot)
100% Hedge means you pay for the 2 complete lots 400$

Hope this helps you.

Probably not bro, the thread after all is like 4 years old. Reckon the OP has given up by now.

Hi Bob

Really sorry i just notice there are two dates one on the right and one on the left , only see the left one which did thought it was 2018

Anyway its good for anyone who would like to see the answer , not to much know the answer for it. Hope it help someone else.