Broker with fast Deposit/ Withdrawal

Im looking for a broker that will allow deposit/ withdrawal no longer than 5 days via paypal or some better method such as wire directly to my account.

It seems that most will take your money instantly, but instant withdrawal for some reason is another story.

I don’t know where you are, but I use ETX Capital in the UK. They will transfer money to a UK bank account as long as it is in your name; when I make a withdrawal request they say that it will take up to five working days but in practice the money is generally in my account within three.

(They may do overseas, I have no idea as have never needed to ask.)


Oanda doesn’t take more than a week for a bank transfer. But as SimonTemplar wrote, it depends on where you are (I think). Good luck :42:

Obviously international wire transfers will take a day (or four) longer than national ones.

But what does it matter? One day, three days, eight days … as long as one sticks to the rule of only trading money one doesn’t need for monthly expenses, there is no difference, right?

I’d never choose my broker according to how long funding/withdrawal takes; I’d rather pay attention to the cost associated with transferring funds to/from my trading account … 40 bucks for a wire transfer (which is what some brokers charge) is pretty close to daylight robbery, in my book. :smiley: