Broker with fixed spreads

Hello, Could anyone advise or maybe somebody knows of a broker with fixed spreads

reviews are not so great on either one of them.

Does anyone know any other brokers which practice fixed spreads?

Thank you.

fx solutions

Where did you find reviews for North Finance…I am demoing with them now with thoughts to use them live. I found one website so far…not looking too hard yet…and it seemed ok, so just curious about others.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, actually they are my first demo broker, loved it,
then I found out they were not regulated by NFA,

Good Luck:D

I know I asked this question myslef, but I found the answer right here on babypips, so if anyone has the same question, here is the list of brokers with fixed spreads.

Forex Brokers Guide -

To Sevastopol :

I am very happy with my broker - they use the GFT platform (the best of them all) together with fixed spreads.

In addition, I get the demo platform indefinitely, not for just 30 days.

But they are in Australia. :

Kinetic Securities

look up kinetic Securities and use

Thank you!! I’ll look into them=)

Yes, this is my predicament too. :frowning:

my solution was to use someone else and refer to northfinance’s demo platform, works great

just gotta find a broker=)

I am trading with Kerford Investments. They offer fixed 2 pip spreads on majors.

I’ve traded with two fixed spreads brokers - CMS Forex(2 pips) and Alma Forex. The better match for my scalping strategy is Almaforex - 1 pip spread for majors.

I’ll put my vote in for GFT too. The spreads are quite competitive in my opinion, and I’m a really big fan of their Dealbook360 platform. User friendly and well organized. If you’re planning on running EA’s though, they don’t use MT4.

GFT for me too.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but the last I heard with their chart studio script was that it was compatible with MT4

Clip from the GFT website…

Access the next generation of fully automated algorithmic forex trading using seamless data integration tools to communicate between two separate software programs. This allows you to easily automate strategies that have been created through TradeStation, Wealthlabs, MetaTrader 4 or MS Excel. Any standard GFT trading account with a strategy written in one of these four platforms can obtain the Strategy Runner service at no additional cost.

Your strategies can be fully integrated to work with Strategy Runner’s platform, and your trades will be executed through GFT.

[B]Note the inclusion of MetaTrader 4[/B] :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi I am new at baby pips!! but I have been trading forex for over 2 years�

My broker is ac-markets& I think this is one of the best forex brokers out there.
They have great prices with a guaranteed spread. I haven�t noticed any slippage and I am very happy with the service I receive; nothing negative to say about them�
Hope you make lots of money!

There are many brokers out there, who are offering fixed spreads, there are many brokers who are good, but lots of other folks or competitors indirectly put negative review.
The best call is always, to try out a broker with little deposit, and try them yourself trading Live, that will enable your own self satisfactory, thats my view to you.

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STIFX is providing fixed spreads.
Whereas i also trade with CMSFX, who provide variable spreads in there MT4.

It depends, what is your objective, your trading cycle etc…

You will find many brokers, its better, to try brokers with Live Account.

In my life experience in trading, i always found, fixed spreads is always not a main thing.

You should get

Good Customer Support
Best Execution
Quick Funding and Withdrawal

No broker will offer you fixed spreads even if tells you so.