Broker with no commission and low spread for Indices?

The only one I found is VantageFX. Any other recommendations?


Check Tenkofx, there is commission, one time fee, then the spreads are very low. I prefer the commission structure. It takes away the markup on spreads.


Fxview too. Spreads are narrow and commission is $1 per side.


If offshore is an option then you can even look at alpari, roboforex, fxview, axiory, they are all offering 0 spread accounts. Commissions are decent, can expect high leverage too.


Never heard of them. Are they regulated?

You can check out coinexx and turnkeyforex, the commission charged by them is comparitively low and the spreads are great specially for indices.

Low spreads and commissions are a must. Important considerations in my opinion to tag something as ‘good’.

Yeah, offshore is a great idea. I use them too to save myself from all the tight regulations. And so far my trades are good. I don’t understand why people make a fuss about using a domestic broker, everything’s digitised now.

That’s right. I’ve been using Ig, Fxview for some time now and they really have low commissions. The spreads with Fxview are as low as 0 and that’s swell for scalping. Even on some indices the spreads are super low.

I suppose as long as an offshore broker is regulated it’s all right, but otherwise it’s like stepping in dark waters. Who wants to lose their money to an unregulated broker that is never even heard of before! Trading with regulated brokers creates accountability and provides some sort of safety net I would say.

Is that broker regulated? I mean Vintage. You should set your priority straight. Most of the recommendations here have offshore regulation. They offer the lowest spreads and fees. The only disadvantage is regulation does not guarantee funds protection, it never does. Just use the broker that has been around for more than 5 years at least. If they are still in business and good reviews at FPA, go for it.

I agree, the only reason I went ahead with hotforex and fxview was that they’re regulated. Plus I found the trading cost, commission and trading conditions to be suitable. That’s all I want.

Pretty much everything a trader would need. How is the support with these brokers? Are they any good?

I was having a hard time finding a regulated broker out there offering no commission. I have been trading with fxview broker as their commission is $1 per side and with good spreads on indices. If I can’t find any regulated broker offering $0 commission, then $1 seems better