newbies always needs a good broker to start with in the forex world. do you guys have anyone in that you can recommend? i’ll be grateful.

I am not from the US or UK, so I decided not to go for these ones as there are some restrictions. There are only a few reliable brokers you can choose. I won’t advice you to go for the most advertised brokers. Actually you need to understand what you really want. You have to state what you are actually looking for in a broker, only then can people here recommended a good broker for you.

choosing a good broker can be a pain in the back, but if you follow the good advice on here you can get a good broker. do some home work yourself, it can help.welcome.

You can use FPA or earnforex to find a broker that meets your need. You should be careful of US brokers as someone has earlier mentioned. New traders like you need a cheap broker that would not choke you with charges upon charges.

I have read some of your posts. I thought you are already registered with profiforex.

ok it is good to hire the professional and certified broker for trading. But I think you must know the basics of trading himself so you know the market trends, news, where market is going and best not cheated by the firm or broker.

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What regulatory agencies

Broker is good and is advisable to have specially for the newbie and even for other traders also.