Brokerage with Ninjatrader

I would greatly appreciate any comments both positive and negative as to the best brokerage that offers Ninja Trader as a platform. This inquiry would be in regards to: price for data, reliability of data, source of data and overall reliabilty of execution, especially fast speed and quick fixes when the computer or platform goes down. Any first hand experience with this would be extremely helpful. I don’t know who to choose. Thanks

Have you tried asking this in the NinjaTrader forum? That would be the first place I’d look for answers since those people are the ones using NinjaTrader and they would know which brokers work best with it.

Your right. I’ll check that. Thanks

I used to work with the guy that now runs Mirus Futures - top notch bloke - I would recommend checking them out if you want to use Ninja for futures - for forex I’m not sure who to recommend but I know work with them -

Thanks for the recommendation. I’m gonna check them out.