Brokers and custodial accounts

i want to start forex but im underage are there any brokers you can trade currency with under a custodial account that anyone knows of??

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I once mentored a young man who had a lot more Forex knowledge than I did. He explained that his father (who passed away before my friend was 18) had opened a demo account in his name, then created a second demo account that allowed his son to practice trading. He no longer trades, but my recommendation is to ask your parent or guardian to allow you to learn, but I do not recommend you do this by providing false information. There is almost always a legal way of doing things that folks often do illegally due to lack of discussion or imagination. Good luck with this quest. And having been a school governor in the past, remember there is always a reason why there is an age limit on certain pursuits. Use the opportunity to gain knowledge without the possibility of a financial loss.

thank you so much, im greatful for you replying to me. are u still mentoring?

Yes, but only in my core discipline of project and programme management, and only during an assignment to which the mentee is associated with my programme of works.