Brokers are now offering their proprietary platforms

In the world of online trading, many brokers are now offering their proprietary platforms. How trustworthy are these platforms compared to well-established third-party ones? Share your experiences and insights!

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Which brokers?
Registered in Vanuatu of Russian origin, I guess? :thinking:

I find most brokers I’ve used are offering TradingView, in a limited form of the full blown charting platform found on the website.

Are the brokers you’ve used only offering their platform and nothing else? Surely they must support MT4/MT5 at least.

Idk but Metratrader app is quite solid and fast platform written in C language. It’s also great for algorithmic trading. Development of similar software will likely be quite expensive and it’d be hard to compete with established solutions. If you talk about web versions they are much slower especially if you use HFT strategies.

there may be some, and of course i can’t claim to be familiar with every offering from every broker, lol, but all the ones i have ever seen have been presented as “proprietary platforms” but are actually just white-label versions of other, existing platforms with the identifying features/labels removed and the appearance/interface changed a little

i think they are well-established third-party ones, just white-labelled

regarding trustworthiness, surely nothing could possibly be less trustworthy than MT4? all any “broker” needs to manipulate MT4 against the customer is the readily-available, openly-marketed “dealer plug-in”, and you can’t get more blatantly untrustworthy than that, surely?

Sorry I misunderstood your question - thought you meant proprietary as in ‘prop/funded’