Brokers in Jamaica

Hi all, I have been using hugosway as my broker and MT4 (Mobile) trading platform to execute trades. My first impression of hugosway was how hard it was to deposit and withdraw since you need to use bitcoin (I know ridiculous right?). I’m in Jamaica, what broker would you suggest that has the tightest/most reasonable spreads and most importantly can be funded directly with visa debit?

Google it. With respect, if you want to mine gold you’ll need a pickaxe.

That neither makes sense nor answers my question, but to give you the benefit of the doubt I’d be saying the same nonsense if my name was steve369.

A reasonable person would consider your name-calling response offensive, abusive, and a violation of forum guidelines.

As to answer your question - read ‘Google it’. Which would help you identify a suitable broker to meet your needs. As for the pickaxe comment, it means get off your butt and do it yourself, otherwise you’ll never have the right mindset to succeed.

I hope that clarifies my response.
Best of luck.

If that was your response then the logical thing to do was to say nothing. This is a forum. Nothing is wrong with what I asked. I am a software programmer by trade and I’ve been on a ton of forums, they don’t give you the answer straight up 90% of the time so you still have to do your own research. The important thing that they do is to point you in the right direction; I’m new to trading, I wouldn’t know if there is some website that offers a tool that would be helpful in my search. A reasonable person would consider your response self service, slightly egotistic and most of all unhelpful.