Brokers with bid/ask stop/limit orders by ask or bid price filled by your choice?


I’m looking for a true ECN brokers who can offer ‘buy stop by ask’ or ‘buy stop by bid’ price as well as sell stop and buy limit and sell limit like above. I mean order types that offered should allow you to select which type of price will fill the order, bid or ask price. Do you get what I mean? Do you know true ECN brokers who offer this types of orders?

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Brokers offer two prices for every pair, on a continuous basis –

  • The price at which the broker is willing to sell to you. That’s the price at which you can buy.
    It’s the broker’s ASK price. In other words, it’s the price he’s asking you to pay, if you want to buy.

  • The price at which the broker is willing to buy from you. That the price at which you can sell.
    It’s the broker’s BID price. In other words, it’s the price he’s willing to pay you, if you want to sell.

I can assure you that no broker in the world is going to allow you to –

  • buy from him at a price lower than his ASK price at the moment of execution, or

  • sell to him at a price higher than his BID price at the moment of execution

– regardless of the type of order you submit (market order, stop order, or limit order).

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Thanks. I heard there is only few brokers that can let you buy from them by bid and sell to them by ask price. But I don’t know how to find them. I’m looking for brokers introducing boards or forums than can reply to my post, if they can offer this types of orders. If broker is honest and fair enough, they should let you have these types of orders, IMHO.


Hiya @Clint

I need to update an misunderstanding in my reply and original post. I actually wanted to say; I’m looking for brokers who can let me place order and SL based on Bid/Ask price, regardless of order will get filled or not. Assuming when I place buy stop order by bid, as broker will sell me by Ask price, whenever the ask price is equal to my buy stop by Bid price, my order will get filled’ is this make sense what I mean? I’m sure there should be brokers(hopefully ECN ones) who offer this.