Brokers with credit card funding

It’s easier to fund my accounts when I have credit card support. I saw a different post before but there was only one broker that was suggested, which was InterbankFX. I do like the fact they have credit card support and I REALLY like the fact they use MT4. Although, their spreads aren’t all that amazing. Plus, they require a 5 pip difference from current price on limit orders (Better than NorthFinance’s 10 pip difference) I’d have to say Oanda has the best spreads I’ve seen and definately the best selection. Unfortunately, Oanda doesn’t have credit card support and their leverage is only 50:1. Does anyone else know of a broker with credit card support? Preferrably one with MT4?

FXSol and FXCM has credit card funding as well. I know FXSol treats it as a cash advance, so there is a fee. Not sure about FXCM tho also allows for credit card funding with no fees. This is my biggest gripe with Interbank. There is no excuse for fees to be as high as they are to deposit funds via credit cards.

GCI Trading - GCI Financial Ltd - Online Forex and CFD Trading

They take credit cards via PayPal.

It never ever takes longer than one hour (most of the time thirty minutes) for the deposit to reflect in your account and the admin staff are very helpful (they have made funds available in my account within five minutes on one or two occasions when I was facing a margin call and contacted them immediately after making the PayPal deposit).

More importantly - when you want funds from your account it is almost instantaneous from the time that they receive your faxed instruction. On two occasions they have sent funds to me from my account within an hour (of course it took longer for the funds to get from PayPal to my credit card but that is not GCI’s fault - their transfer to me showed up on PayPal within and hour of my request).

The trading platform is by far the best and most logical of any that I have tried out (of at least eight) i.e. no unecessary bells and whistles, no Java, etc. etc.

Do not try and trade the news with them by placing stops at strategic positions - the stops will get triggered just before the big rate change - unless you are prepared to put up wider stops and make less profit - then you’re OK - and I can tell you that this is not only GCI. It even happens with the non-dealing desk brokers (I know - tried and tested).

The news feed does not work (and I think this has something to do with my observation above - they do not want you to trade the news in my opinion). No problem there either - (trying) to trade the news has made me more losses than profits thanks to all the ‘expert analysis’ which is always non-commital anyway.

Many people have complained about requotes from them. This only happens during news times and with exotic pairs or with commodites such as Gold where the price spikes every couple of seconds. Order execution of (for example EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY is instantaneous).

And no - I do not work for them - and am not an affiliate (although I should be getting commission for all the praises). Hell - I am down about $8 000.00 now since opening my account but that is my fault - not theirs.

And I have a live account so I know what I’m talking about.

Hope this helps.



I agree with Dale, I have no problem either with GCI, I have made some lost too (not their fault) but now I have start recover it. The spread is start from 2 pips for eur/usd and usd/jpy, gbp/usd is 3 pips, it’s a good spread I think, also I get rebate from my trading $0.3/mini lot. You can have this if you open the account through their IB.
I hope this information can help.

I also find that at we can deposit using credit card.

however, it doesn’t provide service to US residents

I think the tradexindo accept the US clients.
I hope this information can help

Oanda dosn’t take credit cards? Are you sure? They take paypal so maybe you could fund your paypal account with a credit card first then make a paypal deposit into Oanda.

i dont think fxcm charges for credit card funding…

You want the truth?

I know that accepts credit cards
(at least Visa & Mastercard). And they don’t have any upfront
fees. I’ve found they’re good since the funds hit your account
pretty much the instant you enter your details.
$5,000 is the maximum deposit in one shot…and the minimum
is $25. 3 Pips EUR/USD…they’re trading system is web-based.
They also have e-gold deposits like marketiva…

later skaters.

maybe I have to say something about GCI Trading

FXCM all the way

NEVER go into debt to start trading forex, stocks, or futures. bad bad BAD money management idea.

that is all i have to say on this fine topic.

UpFx allows it, I’ve enjoyed them for the last few months.