Brokers with no Stop Outs?

HI there! are there brokers out there with no ‘Stop Out’ limits? I want to be able to buy/sell and hold for while without it being automatically cut off… Thanks

Huh? You’re asking if there’s a broker who won’t margin call you after you run out of money?

It is difficult to find out such kind of broker. You can find brokers with less spread. But you will not find out o spread broker. This is they take as advantage from the traders. This is their profit. As they invested a lot, they make profit from here. If you are in same place you will do the same.

I think you can find some broker that offer minimal stop out about 10-20%/capital. If no stop out level, you can easier to move to negative balance, and who pay for that? Broker, let’s dream :smiley: