OK guys, so I have £1000 to start with, I’m UK based which brokerage account would you recommend ? I’m bit confused after reading all reviews… Thanks for help.

First i want to thank everyone for their response. I found that etoro and ibfx have low deposit
requirements. Etoro has withdrawal fees and ibfx has only one withdrawal fee associated with
wire transfers. At this point, I like the etoro social trading network and I like ibfx claim to
have fast transaction speeds and low spreads. I am still reading trying to look up all of the
suggestions you all send me. Thanks again I hope to decide as soon as possible.

I’ve been trading with Oanda and MB Trading. I prefer MB but have been seduced by the spreads on MahiFX. They don’t have a minimum deposit and have the tightest spreads around. They are fairly new on the market, but I’ve read some good things about them.

Etoro, as mentioned in an earlier post, seem to be more commercially minded rather than actually having a platform that people can effectively trade on.

Alpari is a bit clunky in terms of execution speeds and the spreads are very high even in normal trading conditions.

Etoro is a joke. A gimmick! If you want to trade forex, go with a serious FX broker. Have you seen the spreads on Etoro? Also the platform is a bag of poo! I’ve traded on this before, and to actually make money on this thing is like going down to the betting shop and putting all your money on a horse, blind.

For speed of trade execution, tight spreads, and no hidden costs I’d give MahiFX a go.
Others that are good, but not as attractive with the spreads are Oanda, MB trading and Saxo.

thanks for advice. ive started demo account with MahiFX - nice looking platform, but:

  • poor charting and indicators
  • no trialing stop orders
  • every time you want to place or modyfiy order have to go and look on chart memorize values and go back to place order…
  • no downloadable terminal
  • no mobile app

not really happy - and some spreads are not that good. Have to be used with other good charting program. Will test other

Try some broker comparison site where You can find out which is the best for You.
Google forex compare real ecn You will find tons os answeres.

I started a demo with MahiFX about two months ago and had a similar problem with the charts. Got a nice suprise when I logged in to the demo yesterday though, they have released an update for the charts and indicators. What an improvement.

ok - will check it out later…

This broker seems all right, everything works as it should for now. Though I’ve only beed trading at 3tg since january and they are new on the market. We’ll see how good they are, but for now my experience is good.