Although I am new to forex , I am thinking about the broker I would like to trade
with. I would like to get with an ecn broker that will accept mini trading. Can
anyone reccomend and good one? Also, has anyone had any experience with

If you looking to trade mini, micro or even nano, an ECN broker would be poitless as your broker needs to place these orders onto their own books. You cant place ENC orders that are not in round lots.

For example, 10.5 lots traded on ENC.

10 lots are traded on the ENC route
0.5 lots are traded on the brokers books route.

The Broker will the aggregate all his own orders and place that directly on ECN providing there is a NET hedge difference.

You can try AVAFX, it is a licensed and regulated forex broker. Etoro is also good broker but not having experience with it.

I have been for about 2 months with eToro, my experience is completely negative. It 's very easy to deposit but not withdraw, then I had many problems with their bonus… and more :slight_smile:
Now I use OANDA and I have no problems!
Good luck guy :slight_smile:

Etoro, though I’ve been seeing them for a while now but not so sure about them, If you ask me and I always say this, before you choose a broker I hope you already went through babypips school or aka pipsology, learn the basics, master them then learn them again until it becomes part of your system, then do lots of practice with demo after that, try other people systems/strategies, not to copy but to get a feel of what would suit you more, its like looking for your trading style, then you will reach a point where you will creat your own strategies and systems.

now speaking of brokers, you have lots of options, do you want an offshore broker? or maybe a local if there is one. becareful of reviews, but its always good to check for user feedback ofcourse, another way to check a broker is open a the smallest/mico live account, check the deposite methods, make a couple of small trades (not for profit) just to check execution, then withdraw you money after a couple of days, that way you have checked the broker almost form top to bottom. BUT YOU ONLY DO THAT IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO GO LIVE!! demo accounts are offered in all brokers, stick with demo for a couple of months and use it for practice, there are good brokers I’ve heard about such as alpari, oanda is ok, IMO avoid instaforex for I have read some negative about is in asia. I trade with hotforex, not so old broker, but they got the World Finance award for best broker for asia or something. anyway, I wish you the best of luck, they say your first broker might be your last as well :slight_smile:

If I am not mistaken there is a huge part in this forum about Brokers in the front page

My experiences, I am trading for 6 years now and I tested several :slight_smile:
Interactive broker - good for stocks but not for forex
Saxo - dealing desk, lost money on this
Alpari - Ok, bit high spread
PFG - the world cup advisor is more like a scam I lost a fortune on that
3TGFX - Ok, but new on the market
etoro - more focus on the commercial than on the trade part
tadawulfx - dealing room
Plus 500 - dont even go close

This is just my experience, maybe some think othervise

I want to express my thanks to each of you that took the time to reply.
i do appreciate your time and efforts

AaaFX are pretty good. Tight spreads. Good execution. No dealing desk.

IamFX fine too. These guys have super tight spreads but you can’t compare with AaaFX since the latter have all-in spreads. I prefer AaaFX. IamFX give free VPS though.

I used etoro. Try out their demo account. Also check their Openbook system. That will allow you to track down real traders trading in real time. Good luck.

Money Is Everything.

Did you go through any broker who give minimum deposit which is below 100$ or 50$ ?
Please let me know , I am seeking for a good broker with minimum deposit to do my first try with Live Account.

I use and like Oanda. The benefit is that you can deposit as little as you want and can trade nano lots for $0.01 per pip. This makes it easy to get started.

I haven’t used eToro, but haven’t heard good things about them.

Thank you so much , this is something I was searching for …

Sorry to say but I dont recomend You to trade with less then a 1000 $ because You can’t really open so small positions that helps You to protect Your equity. Trading with 100 $ ends You up loosing. Sorry to say this. However if I am not mistaken etoro and 3TG Fx, gives You account from any size

stay away from etoro… There are some brokers that allow you to trade nanolots as Hugh said… I trade with oanda and you can use any position size

Some one suggested that etoro and ibfx are brokers that will accept a minimum of $50 to open an
live active account. You can check this out.

Hello, I have got no experience with Etoro but I can advise to try playing demo account with them and with other brokers to see how are their features and have a better idea about them then you can make a good choice regarding your needs, if you want to invest with small amounts of money I know that Hotforex offer the opportunity to open a micro account and deposit 5 $ only. Good Luck

I found 2 brokers that might fit your request IBFX and etoro. Check those out.
My thanks to all that have decided to respond I appreciate your input.

I had some problems with IBFX so dont really go on with them. Etoro is more of a beginners brokerage, I think they are just market makers. Try Ducascopy they are good ones. Also try 3tgfx i am testing them. Also try Oanda in canada, I am using them for a while and looks good. When You decide to trade, dont use only one platform, always compare different ones.
All the best :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment.

I agree. They are just good for newbies with their OpenBook but can’t really offer that much for a Pro already.

Forex Forever.