Browser Platform Or Desktop?

I have had some problems with my brokers web platform, they also provide a desktop version would this be the preferred option to use, or should I be using MT4?
Advice appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Clive,

MT4 is a desktop platform. If you are not happy with your broker’s platform then by all means, switch to MT4, as this is by far the most popular platform FX traders use.

The only problem I had with MT4 is that it wasn’t “live” so I could not see my analysis across multiple computers, whereas with most broker’s online platforms you can.

I use TradingView because it is live and my broker supports it.

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Hi @Clive66 What problems exactly ?

Web platform slow to load and had issues logging in (server 500 error). Also gives an error warning with Opera and had to switch to Firefox.

I had the same issues with my broker so downloaded and using their desktop platform at home also smartphone app to keep eye on the trades when at work.

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I have just tried the desktop version and no issues so I will take your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

MT4 is the coolest platform so far. Even though there are numerous successors to it like MT5, I’d still pick this to be my hot favorite. It’s so simple to use and all the necessary indicators and tools are present that help me trade successfully.

It will mostly depend on your trading.

  • If you scalp - you don’t have the luxury of getting disconnected or delays via web browser.
  • If you use some exotic/custom indicators - probably MetaTrader4/5 will be required to load them.
  • If your broker have some cool features you like (some extra trailing options or just easy to use interface) - go for it
  • If you use price action with some simple moving averages and trade on daily timeframe - you can use absolutely whatever
  • If you want to run automated strategies - MetaTrade4/5 Expert Advisors are good, but maybe you need your brokers custom API (some have for Python / Java / C# )

Pick anything that:

  1. Works - no disconnects, relatively fast execution
  2. Give you tools you need - indicators, drawing tools
  3. Make your trading experience better - interface, support, trade placing features

With so many trading platforms available on the market, you might get confused about making the right choice. After trading forex for the last few years, I found that MT4 is a good trading platform that I can trade with. It is flexible and I can easily customize it.

That’s a personal choice and I would rather not comment on that. I can tell you about what works best for me and it’s the desktop app. I have downloaded my favourite brokers’ desktop apps and I trade with them whenever I have the money to invest and a strategy to take advantage of the market.

Mt4 is a very good platform and you won’t have a problem using it. You can always contact the broker you are trading with for any issues with MT4.

What works best for me is the desktop app, which I can tell you about. I’ve downloaded the desktop apps of my favourite brokers and use them to trade anytime I have money to invest and a strategy to take advantage of the market.