Brute force?

Who in here believe in the martingale system?

Michael, please explain what you mean by that.


Basically, it’s increasing number of losing positions, at a certain interval.

I did a little research on that martingale system:

Martingale methods decrease the amount at risk after a win and increase the amount at risk after a loss. A commonly used example is “doubling down” after a loss in gambling. Martingale methods are most often used by gamblers, who trade against the house’s advantage.

Provided you have a profitable trading method, antimartingale methods are always preferable over the long run because they’re capable of growing your trading account geometrically. However, it’s sometimes possible to lower your risk by taking advantage of patterns of wins and losses, similar to martingale methods. Two ways to do this are via dependency rules and using equity curve trading. Both of these methods can be used in addition to whichever position sizing method you choose.

Now I know what it means. :slight_smile:

Soon, you will be able to open your own school lol