Bryan Webber reported to police

Looks like i’m not the only disgruntled ex subscriber to technical analysis research provided by Bryan Webber. Tommy over in the scams section of forex peace army has had more than enough of Mr Webbers antics, as you will see from his experience which he kindly let me repost here:

"I tried technical analysisresearch. Bryan Webber is a scammer and fraudster. No doubt about it. Unfortunatly this is the second scam I've succumbed to with this guy. He went by another name before and another website. I recognise the language he uses. I've reported my experience to the police and have told paypal this. Therefore hopeful about getting a refund. The forex industry is full of sharks and fraudsters. This is the first time I've gone to the police. I don't know what they will do, but I'm sick of these conmen". 

If you want to know what he did there is a previous post about his shenanigans on babypips. This post is heer to save others from being ripped off in the future.