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I think that I know how to trade ordinary futures, but I am not sure if I know about perpetual futures. Some help here?

You should check the stuff here, schools, Forexpedia and the Cryptopedia.

Perpetual Futures Definition | Forexpedia™ by

Another great lesson on perp futures, @JosefVana.

Well, perpetual futures are quite similar to ordinary futures, but they do not have expiry dates. This is one of the main differences, but I would not recommend trading it without a sufficient knowledge and a trading strategy.

Do you think that they are harder to trade from ordinary futures?

it is a bit different. So, I would recommend finding some good learning material and start investigating this topic.

Is this licensed broker?

Excuse me if I’ve misunderstood you, but I think you probably meant to ask whether it’s a regulated broker?

Many brokers are “licensed” without actually being regulated, but that doesn’t help or protect their customers at all!

Hi there, we hold licences issued by FinCEN in the USA, FINTRAC in Canada, and the Registrar of Legal Entities of Lithuania. Please visit our website for more information :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Can I trade futures on other assets with BTCC or only crypto?

But are you regulated? You didn’t answer that?

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they never do, if they’re unregulated

they tell you where they’re incorporated and where they’re “licensed” (which has nothing to do with customer protection at all, as you know!)

they want to attract gullible customers who don’t know any better, and obviously a beginners’ forex forum is one of the places they can do that

all you can do is keep on asking “ARE YOU REGULATED AND IF SO BY WHOM?” repeatedly, until people realise that they’re not answering that question, and at that point even the most naive people will realise that they’re not regulated …

(… unless they’re outright liars like ZForex who will state openly, in writing, in forums, that they’re regulated when even their own affiliates admit on their review websites that they’re not - but that’s a level of dishonesty and crookedness thankfully rarely seen! and i’m not suggesting that btccexchange would do that, of course!!)

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wow, you really love that everyone could be regulated =) few years ago i would fully agree with you. anyway last few years show me that regulated broker also mean scam. my friend is from one country that was banned recently by some other countries xd, he left his own country and besides what he’ve got:

  • regulated broker banned him because of his nationality
  • IB is still somehow keeping him alive but still
  • regulated and legit sites where he done some freelancers tasks banned him (funds as well btw)
  • no bank card
  • crypto exchanges started also to ban his accounts.

so for some people regulated broker is really the must have feuture but not for everyone,

for some banned nationalities unregulated broker is a safe place xd
for unbanned people - that’s usually a good option to avoid big taxes. like 40%. no way.

so i can undestand your point and would be happy if you could undestand the point of people who would like to escape the big brother

are all of the unregulated brokers scam? could be. but same for regulated broker. i trade quite long. probably you too. do you remember what happend with ftx, binomo, madoff
ir we can take bdswiss. one of the really good broker. and you know what? no fca few years ago. all of the fx brokers can close in any moment. so that’s why better to keep funds in 3-7 brokers to avoid such problems.

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How about if they say that they’re regulated when they’re not, @VarSine ?

Do you think that speaks well or ill of their honesty and integrity?

Or do you not care about that, either?

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hey :wink:

you mean btcc or whom?
they can tell anything they want. i really don’t care
all i care if they release funds or not and how fast.
there are plenty of exchanges like btcc (as i undestand we speak about that one): binance (btw they stopped to ban people based on nationality), htx

really mate, for the last few years i keep looking only for withdrawals and policy regarding people.

about regulation: have a look: most of the brokers are regulated by banana republic and it’s nothing. and for me sysec and these republic regulators are the same. i worked for few years in one broker and you know what? same finance model. they can leave people with nothing in any moment.

fca, us regulation, banana regulation and all without - for me they are all the same.
so you are arguing with wrong person =) am against all brokers - they show only marketing. and good broker for me is a broker who withdraw funds


We agree about that.

For me, they’re very, very different.

Ok, fair enough! I think crypto, forex and futures brokers are totally different, because of regulation.

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‘For me, they’re very, very different.’

same for me few years ago. now i usually avoid them. because many regulated brokers started to ban people only because of the nationality. so i undestand your point. and there is another point if you could be another nationality (wanna be russian? xd)

i have friends from ukraine and russia. and i know examples when for example kuna io (regulated broker in estonia) has stolen money that hold russian clients. not a crypto bro
same moment: i know a team in one unreglated crypto broker - they helped my ukranian friend (they send though me to him quite much money) and still accept russians…until this year when they became regulated. that’s mean that i can’t help him using that broker.
*just in case - simple people are everywhere, guilty only politicians, imho.

so we are talking about different…but still i udnestand your point. wanted to show you that regulation is not the must for all of the traders.

when a broker start to tell that they are regulated so for me it usually looks like ‘we are regulated by one guy who’s making a tako’ xd
and if we take crypto or fx broker than it’s common.

oh, another example. one unregulated broker, im holding there funds for few years and they ‘think’ they are uk broker xd. lie? yes. but they withdraw funds. and there are many such stories in my experience since i went deep to unregulated (or so called regulated) brokers…

so anyway such brokers have their own clients xd

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This exchange is specialized for futures products. Certainly, he is well known for crypto futures, but there is a possibility to trade futures on other assets also like tokenized stocks or tokenized commodities. There is quite a good choice of assets.

Is there a forced liquidation fee?

we offer USDT-M perpetual futures for tokenized commodities and tokenized stocks, such as gold, silver, SPX500, etc. You can find a full list of tradeable commodities and stocks