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just in case wanted to create a thread about btcc discussion. good for leverage trading. idk smn who holds here crypto but probably there are such ppl. hope there are other btcc customers here

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A lot of people here are hodling and trading crypto! :blush: I’m not sure who here is with BTCC but I’m sure there I also hope this reaches them! :_) If you don’t mind, what made you choose BTCC as your exchange? :slight_smile:

good for high leverage trading but not holding here too much tokens.
this is only 1 of some other exchanges where i have an account

a small update:
demo works well
recieved a bonus for comissions (as i undestand smth like on binance) but not so much, 10$

10$ bonus is withdrawal?

haha, nope unfortunately =)

Does this broker maybe have btc based accounts or only usdt?

When I opened an account with this broker there were only USDT based accounts. As I can see, I don’t have an option to switch to any other coin, so I suppose that there is still only usdt

Can users set limit orders and stop-loss orders on the BTCC exchange?

Absolutely. You can place a market order, limit order, or SL/TP order on our platform.

I can see that this broker has perpetual futures? What are those and how do you trade them?

These are specific derivative instruments like ordinary futures but they don’t have expiry dates. In my opinion the best way to use them is as a hedge for position in ordinary futures. Certainly, it takes time to investigate such a strategy.

It sounds a bit complicated to me… I am still learning to trade ordinary futures.

Can I trade futures on NFT`s here?

Doesn’t look like it. USDT and coin based margined futures.

Well, it is complicated for newbies, but you can set it as your next learning target.

Does this broker have a demo account?

Is there an option to covert coins?

Hi there, we do have a demo account feature available to all users. You can practise trading with the 100,000 USDT virtual fund to familiarise yourself with the market :wink:

Absolutely. We have a Convert feature where you can convert between USDT and other cryptos.