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just in case wanted to create a thread about btcc discussion. good for leverage trading. idk smn who holds here crypto but probably there are such ppl. hope there are other btcc customers here

A lot of people here are hodling and trading crypto! :blush: I’m not sure who here is with BTCC but I’m sure there I also hope this reaches them! :_) If you don’t mind, what made you choose BTCC as your exchange? :slight_smile:

good for high leverage trading but not holding here too much tokens.
this is only 1 of some other exchanges where i have an account

a small update:
demo works well
recieved a bonus for comissions (as i undestand smth like on binance) but not so much, 10$

Hi there, thanks for your interest in our platform! If you are newly registered, you’re eligible to participate in our 3,500 USDT campaign where you can earn bonuses by making deposits.

10$ bonus is withdrawal?

haha, nope unfortunately =)

Does this broker maybe have btc based accounts or only usdt?

When I opened an account with this broker there were only USDT based accounts. As I can see, I don’t have an option to switch to any other coin, so I suppose that there is still only usdt