Btcusd h8 xabcd best level to buy 20% gains

:small_orange_diamond:Hello guys, today let’s review8hours/candle price chart for BTCUSD. Speculative XABCD setup
in progress with entry strategy (reversal) at point D. right now pullback in progress but the pattern
is almost complete with point X/A/B/C in place and point D still pending.

:small_orange_diamond:Pattern structure is defined by point X at 26825, point A at 30320, point B at 27445, point
C at 29565 and finally point D at 25840.

:small_orange_diamond:Recommended strategy bulls: the overall outlook is bullish and I recommend to focus on buying
low near point D/PRZ after the pullback/correction is over later in May 2023. best reload bulls at
point D at or near 25 840 USD. conservative TP bulls is +20% gains, near 31 000 USD. SL 5%.

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