BTCUSD just broke $65k, now $72K

We’re about 5.5% from BTC breaking it’s all time high.

I think we break it this week.

How about you guys?

  • We break $69k by the end of the week and keep going!
  • We stay within range of $65k-69k.
  • We sell off a bit.
  • We go ATH and then dump, and then dump some more. Huge correction incoming.
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Interesting week ahead.

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I guess we’re selling off a bit? :sweat_smile:

Well, $69324 and then an immediate down wick. Set of wicks actually.

Well, there have been whales selling and pushing price down. Retail gets scared, unloads, price drops, they buy back lower

Rinse and repeat!

Dump, dump, dump, and ATH again next year. :sweat_smile:

I had a plan to sell half my BTC when fear and greed index exceeded 85%. I sold out at 2pm UK time on 4Mar24 when it was 86%. No doubt it will close one day above its previous ATH and continue upwards. But the last two months has taught me that I could not handle another Jan2022 where I got analysis paralysis and didn’t take the advice of Weiss ratings and sell half my portfolio. That ignorance of proper advice cost me about $50K of opportunity by inaction. Won’t get fooled again.

I have faith that even though there is strong resistance at 69k, it will eventually surpass 69k, like 75k. Because all whales know that if they can make the price ATH, the media will jump in and greed will increase dramatically, they can take a profit of 80 or even 90k. MicroStrategy bought 3000 bitcoins at 51K; it’s the signal that whales have a plan for everything.

Some times the best move is the move the gets you back into the right frame of mind. The effect something like this has on just your psyche can be profound, especially if you realized huge loses and are questioning your own merits.

Regardless, I think the opportunity in btc and eth in the coming 12-18 months will be game/life changing.

I agree with your sentiment, and I am far more confident that my plan for 2024/2025 is far more “realistic and robust” than my hopium plans following the manic phase at the end of 2021. By allocating 20% of the remaining portfolio to “very high risk components”, I also get to dream of getting to the moon in a lambo. That is my lottery part (WAGMI), whilst the other 80% of it has a far less ambitious outcome consistent with “hoping for the best and planning for the worst”. Onwards and upwards.

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Blackrock is asking for permission to add BTC to other standard investment plays outside of just Bitcoin ETFs. Game changer. This is only the beginning.

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And BTC broke $72k this morning. Wow.


Yay! Great news to start the week!

Looks like you were right in predicting the “We break $69k” option. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not for those who have been watching and waiting for a good entry. :sweat_smile: HAHA aka me

I’ll update the title accordingly at new ATHs. $100K by year end easy.


Please not until I get the chance to buy some BTC :crossed_fingers:

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I think this time it’s hard for BTC to go back $15-20k but I will buy in more (DCA) at $30-40k. BTC really has potential to go over 100k.

What if btc never gets back down to even $50K? Will you ever buy?