BubbleXT real or scam


Has anyone heard or used BubbleXT. They seem new with lots of great reviews in the last 2-3 month. Say they work out of Zurich, Switzerland?



Hi Billy! Looks like they’re unregulated broker. One of the most important thing to consider in choosing a broker is to make sure that the broker is a member of a regulatory body.

I wonder if those are legit or paid reviews. :thinking:

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Thanks my thoughts as well. All the reviews look very similar and I couldn’t find if they were regulated so I’ll kiss my dosh goodbye then :roll_eyes:

They have a fully working MT4 platform and the account looks remarkably good.

Never heard of them and cannot find reviews on a reputed reviews website.

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It is not bad to use a new broker, but it would be at your own risk. I trade with Forexchief because they’ve been around for some years and stable. Some of the conditions we need to achieve certain strategies are offered by such brokers. Some are for real and professional.

Hi Billy, did you find out for sure if these people are scammers? I have a friend who is investing a lot of cash with them, and I wondered if you had any more info?

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Thanks Todorie. Its just weird no one has heard of them

Hi, Doug I’m sure they are a scam

Yes I’m sure its a scam nothing checks out address’s etc. Have you anymore info from your friend?

Well, no info yet on whether it’s a scam or not, but he invested £17k to start with, then after a couple of weeks he topped that up to £50k. His “advisor” seems to be placing the trades on his behalf as he is totally new to trading. He sends me updates every few days, and seems to be making astounding amounts of money. His total assests are up from £50k to around £110k after 6 weeks of trading! This seems way to good to be true to me. He says he can withdraw cash whenever he likes. He took out a couple of small withdrawals initially, then took out £5k a few days ago without a hitch. I said it must be a scam but he says if it was a scam they would have stopped talking to him once they had his £50k. He says they are not asking him to invest more, and that £50k is the maximum investment, apparently.
How much cash have you got in with them Billy?

Hi Doug,

Your friend seems to have done very well and is very trustworthy investing those amounts so soon. Sounds like he’s got an amazing “advisor”. Have you invested aswell now?

No, I haven’t invested. I’m confident it’s too good to be true. If in a few months time, he’s taken out more money than he’s put in, I’d then consider then maybe.

Many brokers have mt4. You have to use only the ones that has good reputation and has been around for a long time. Not some bubble whatever. Seems like you are complete rookie.

Hi Doug,
Warn your mate it’s a scam. If he stops investing they ‘The Account Advisor’ will just lose his money someone has told me. Glad I didn’t invest.

All of these things would be enough to already make me feel worried. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Billy,
I’ll advise him of your comment.
Probably too late for him now any way.