Building a portfolio of trading ideas

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For me is seems like a good idea to work with a portfolio of solid trading ideas. So far I like cowabunga, pipcrawler’s 'Trade of the day" and I’m also following a signal service. I am looking for suggestions for additions to my portfolio. At the same time I am also working on my own ideas.

3 ducks is a good solid system, safe rather than spectacular

Price action. Master just this skill and you don’t need 3 dudes, cowabunga, or a signal service (hope you’re not paying for this). A portfolio of trading ideas you would think is clever but will only add to your confusion if you haven’t worked on the biggest portfolio, your mind. Don’t believe me? Ask Lexys. I’m sure you’ll get an affirmative.

So, essentially 66.66% of your “portfolio” comes from other peoples’ analysis?
What happens when pipcrawler stops posting and when the signal service you subscribe to stops signalling?

The purpose of the thread is to add solid ideas. Yes, It’s possible they could disappear tomorrow. however they tend to be very long-term and solid. I believe I can add ideas faster than I drop them. Off course, I am also spending a lot of time looking at my own ideas, but my primary reason to come into forex was to make money. Now it would be great if I could eventually do this off the back of my own analysis, however that is not the main aim or most important thing. I do very much appreciate the reply though. it’s quality. Thanks

Thanks for all the responses to the thread. That are all very useful. There is a good mix there.

Cheers Bardy. I would love to have the same knowledge and abilities as you eventually :slight_smile: Hopefully the signals will be paying me :slight_smile: I would like to keep an open mind on everything though I do appreciate that the forex world is full of scams. Hopefully Lex will contribute to my thread which I feel has already been very helpful for me.

Thanks edd, I have found you to be one of the most helpful contributors here. I need to look at incorporating this into some trading plans that I test. I’ve been doing some manual testing as i’m not yet up to regular mt4 back-testing. I tend to look at charts and go bar to bar asking myself what would I have done here based on my trading plan rules.

You’re not treating trading seriously if you’re just looking to build a basket of trading systems. No trading system will yield you what you want ($) if you can’t hone in on what is really important. Can you leave your emotions aside if you lose 10 trades in a row? Can you accept that the market is improbable and will not do what you want it to? Can you accept risk management as a true discipline. Look, you seem like a good person. Not trying to poo poo on your thread. Just saying I did what you are doing now and it simply doesn’t work. It’s not realistic. If it was everyone on Babypips would be millionaires.

Yes, I think the points above are across the board, applying to all traders…risk management etc. That’s not really the point of the thread. Any ideas considered have a proven track record. Of course past performance is not a guarantee of future success but I consider them an acceptable risk. The idea of having multiple systems is to further reduce the risk. Are you just saying that price action is the only way to do it and to forget any kind of mechanical systems ? That would be a different debate I feel. In addition to my previous posts I would like to add that my methods may well change and evolve quickly. I’m trying to speed up that process :slight_smile:

I think what you’re doing is a good idea. Look at successful systems, see what makes them tick, adapt them to your own style if needed. Makes sense

Building your own portfolio that holds your own ideas sounds great. However, it is worth noting that due to the situation with the pandemic, the implementation of all ideas seems to be a big problem.

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Building your own portfolio that holds your own ideas sounds great. However, it is worth noting that due to the situation with the pandemic, the implementation of all ideas seems to be a big problem. I have such a situation that now I am unemployed and I have to apply for unemployment benefits and live on this money. It’s good that my friends knew how to talk to a live person at edd unemployment 2020, without this, I would have lost a lot of time and money to complete the entire operation. I can’t say for sure how working with a portfolio of solid trading ideas will affect your income, but I wish you good luck)