Bumping a topic

how do you bump a topic to get it back in the attention zone, when there has been no reply and it is sinking into oblivion ?

In the past, I’ve added to my original question, either with some of my own thoughts, somebody else’s thoughts, or if it’s trade specific, maybe some actual trades I put down. Or you can always do the good ole “what, nobody out there is reading this??? Now I’m crying…”


If you asked too much, maybe trim down the questions to just one.

I think the mods will delete your reply if you just bump it by replying with bump.

Just reply to it and say “bump” lol

I did reply to it, but I couldn’t see any evidence that it had moved up the list of posts, and still no-one replied.

however, part of my motivation for asking about bumping was to see if there was actually anyone here, so thank you, I’m grateful for a reply of any kind, it shows I’m not just talking to myself.

What’s the link to your post? I’ll check it out. Hopefully it’s not too difficult, I’m a noob myself lol

Probably this one ?

Yeah, I read this one. Didn’t have an answer, though. Post it again, perhaps with pertinent changes, and I will reply.

yes that one, thanks

hi thanks for your comment, what kind of pertinent changes are you expecting ? Developments so far, I was able to tranfer from the UK bank at the 3rd attempt, I got a message from OFX that I had exceeded my transfer limit and to call them. Called and they had no idea why this message had flagged, and to leave it with them. After the weekend the tx went through without any further intervention. 4.5 days, 6 phone calls and about 5.5 hours of waiting and phone time (expense) after sending the instruction. All of this caused by UK money laundering checks making it difficult. Surely other people are either experiening similar frustrations, or is everyone doing it a different way ?

IMO, these frustrations are becoming the norm, even more nowadays. Add Covid 19 to the mix and you have a recipe for fraud. The underlying cause is institutional fear of being hauled up by the FCA and fined millions. That could, if happened, be the end of the institution’s credibility. So yes. OTT checks and balances are in force at every turn.

I used to be a finance compliance officer back in the 90s, and money laundering prevention was in its early stages then. Nowadays it’s rife, mainly owing to the massive increase in drug money transfers.

Apologies, but your typical and regular money switches between UK and Japan trigger off warning signals at your banks. Just be patient and accept it’s the norm. They sure aren’t going to risk being set up as fall boys, are they?

Keep safe.

Thanks for your insights. I understand the need for the checks, I just don’t think they should make it nigh on impossible to comply with them.

May I ask you which method you use to make trades and how long it typically takes to make a trade. As after the last one I can’t bear the thought of ever having to go through it again. I was actually fisting myself in the face in frustration at one point.

Best wishes.

Use TransferWise both ways. You can set up an account with them easily enough. They send money to and from UK and Japan without any hassle with banks.

Thank you, I’ll look into Transferwise. I’m sure they are hassle free themselves, but our last transfer from Japan (who aren’t anything like as mental as UK over security checks) cost us about 140 USD just to transfer out of our own account to the broker. (because we weren’t using them to do the foreign exchange) Neither I nor the broker has found any way around this yet ?? Strangely the UK banks that cause so much extra work for us and themselves with their account blocks, don’t charge anything for transferring to the broker. It’s a strange world ??