Buy/Sell Limit executed earlier than set

So I had a buy limit for XAUUSD at 1765, yet, it was activated at 1773, eighty pips earlier?!?!?

Am I being robbed by my new broker, since my previous broker never executed any limit orders on its own volation? Or am I missing something?

What did they say when you called them?

First in a case like this you should have a look at the spread. On some platforms you can set the chart to display either the bid price (the usual default setting) or the ask price. If you can do this, go back to the time when the order triggered and note how wide the spread was between the bid and the ask. Spreads can at time be 10 or more times “normal”.

Remember that at times when you’re setting a buy order, it will be at the buy (ask) price: what the chart usually shows you is the sell (bid) price.