Buying and Selling Currencies; How much to start trading Forex

How do traders buy and sell currencies? Do they have to put the money in the computer which is both debit and/or credit? How do they do it?

Also, I’mma start working soon at my new job at my internship site. If i were to save up and start trading, how much should i start trading? What amount???

50k USD. It’s not a game.

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As private retail traders, we’re not actually buying (or selling) currency. We are speculating (betting) on changes in the exchange rate between two currencies.

We just call it buying and selling because as the exchange rate changes, it replicates the financial effect of owning a given currency. The “fee” to participate is payable in the local currency for where your account is based, in my case GBP as I’m in the UK. But if I “buy” EUR/CHF, I do not have to sell CHF’s to buy EUR’s and no matter how long I wait, I will not receive a package of EUR’s from the postman.

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