CAD Fundamentals

Here is the newest forecast and current state of economy about Canada:

Carolyn Wilkins: Monetary policy and the underwhelming recovery

I think the Canadian Dollar may trend sideways for a while. We saw several reports pointing to a weaker Canadian economy, but in my opinion that weakness is already in the current price of the weakened CAD. Unless we get more heavy disappointments I think we could see some profit taking.

The Governor of the Bank of Canada gave a speech yesterday so you might be interested what was discussed in it:

Stephen S Poloz: The legacy of the financial crisis - what we know, and what we don t

You might be interested what the Governer of Canada had to say last time:

Stephen S Poloz: Release of the Financial System Review

Yesterday the BOC cut rates, so you might want to read the report:

Stephen S Poloz: Release of the Monetary Policy Report

In case you are following the CAD fundamentals, you might find the following article interesting:

Stephen S Poloz: Integrating financial stability into monetary policy

Awesome, thanks for sharing this! Been trying to figure out where CAD could go from here, although I suspect that most of its moves have been driven by oil prices and risk sentiment in the past few days.

As the CAD is keep sliding, it might be good to check some fundamentals about it:

Stephen S Poloz: Prudent preparation - the evolution of unconventional monetary policies

That oil price slide and weak Canadian fundamentals ain’t doing the Loonie any favors now, huh? Think the BOC might cut again soon?