Calibrate your mind and turn off the white noises before any trade

You know the greatest characters have always prized self-esteem above public opinion. Being able to look self in the eyes after trade session, and say! "boy did ran today with the Lion/Tigress in the wild and life to tell the story. Understand what you are trading., become a master of one indicator ( they are all the same) Believe it or not, you cannot find the best of FX traders online. the Good ones does not talk opening about their trading style. Genuine prophet speaks about the future and not the past.

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The best way to trade is to stay focused and this is how you build your focus.

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This is quite true yet we have so many new traders looking left and right for a guru.

As I always say to my fellow traders, don’t trust any other broker accept a regulated pure ecn broker. Their are quite a few with such conditions like, hymc, hotforex, fxview etc.

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In trading there is a huge number of rules and regularities that need to be understood and followed, but sometimes you can do something unexpected and get a result that fully meets your expectations.

I think a person can easily deal with any problem if he is well versed in the chosen topic.
So all you have to do is stay motivated and continue learning, even if you already have certain achievements.

If you can focus on your goal, there is nothing that can stop you from making profits and reaching where you want to be.

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Absolutely. Many don’t even set targets or goals. I believe without one, we just dont know why we are trading.

Surely, if you are interested win the prizes that people are getting, then you need to calibrate you mind. This means that you are going to be very serious with the training excluding anything that may hinder you from getting the prize. Hard Work is always the best. It is very important to set your mind into the things that will you to expand on your trade.

I have realised that the setting of mind of any individual is very important. This is because it helps you to be alert and prepare well for matter that would have arrived. Calibration of the mind is always the best thing ever that any individual that understands the meaning of trade should do. turning off of mouth has a number of deeper revelation.

Success is never achieved without a goal in trading. One has to set a goal and move forward according to that goal.

Setting a goal in trading helps in staying focused and motivated, it helps in reminding a trader to be in discipline all the time.

Thanks for sharing this great piece of information! I truly believe that by interacting with intermediate traders, we can learn what everyone else is doing and how we can benefit from that. We all come from different backgrounds and have different trading journeys. This clearly shows that there is so much that we can learn from each other.

I don’t think so buddy. I’ve got help from many successful traders who shared their insights whenever asked.