Calm, patience and trust your skills

That is why you have to be calm, patience and trust your skills.


very nice example, Greg :sunglasses:

(it’s a subjective comment, but i actually find that sort of candle signal a little bit more reliable than most people claim/think it is - it’s a pattern i like)

isnt it too soon to trust your skills Greg? lol i mean you are still in loss and your posting about trusting your skill? i like your confidence man lol

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I am using EA’s in trading, until live trading match to back test I don’t touch transactions, Some truth about trading on the FX market, you can be in loss from start your transaction, near your stop loss level and finish transaction in profit.

I think no Is It Possible to Trade Without Emotions? Here’s How This Polish Trader Does It!

nobody denies the necessity of staying calm actually… a huge number of newcomers and even proficient traders sometimes can’t handle their emotions and exit positions shortly before the breakthourgh.
I wish all of them made a good lesson from such situations, otherwise, trading gets pointless if you don’t discover something new.

A trader cannot trust his skill as long as it is not proven. So, skill development and testification of skill are needed at first.

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this is obvious

Yes, these three qualities are highly needed for being a good trader. To trust your skill, you have to ensure that your skill is giving you profit.

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These three qualities are highly essential to have in a trader because these qualities drive a trader ahead.

Keeping patience is really difficult especially when a trader is in a consistent loss. But even then traders have to cultivate this quality in them.

Hey there, when it comes to trading, just a friendly reminder to stay calm, be patient, and most importantly, trust in your skills. You’ve got this!

Lol, 5 different bot posts in this short thread, I think the Profesor deserves better, so I add another human one just to improve the balance. :sunglasses:

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Sure thing! Keeping calm, maintaining patience, and trusting in your skills are essential elements in navigating challenges. When faced with a situation, it’s beneficial to approach it with a composed mindset, allowing yourself the space to think clearly and make well-thought-out decisions. Patience enables you to endure difficulties while working steadily towards your goals. Trusting in your abilities empowers you to tackle obstacles confidently, knowing that your skills and capabilities will guide you through.

You can trust your skills if the skills bring profit over a sufficiently long distance in trading, and not just in some trades)). Therefore, to trust or not trust, you must first look at your trading statistics on your trading account. Only it will show the quality of your trading and answer the question of whether to continue trading in the same way and trust your skills or change something in your trading strategy in order to be able to earn a profit.

this is obvious

Maintaining calmness, patience, and trusting in your skills is crucial for successful trading.

You can trust your skills when your trading is profitable and there is stability in it. Otherwise, you need to change your strategy or somehow improve and refine it.

I can have trust in my skill when I am truly skilled otherwise things are different.

profitable long term trading is an ability to adapt a portfolio of strategies to constantly market change. I am calm, patience and I trust my skills even in drawdown.

that is why you have to push to be skilled