Can a broker customized MT4 platform mess with EA? No Conspiracy theory, just weird experience


I do not want to foster any conspiracy theories about Forex Brokers being scams etc. but I am genuinely curious as I am testing an EA with 2 different brokers before deciding how to move fwd, so I’d like to have a second opinion.

Brief description on my case: I am currently testing an EA on 2 MT4 platforms which are released from 2 different brokers. In both platforms the EA is running on the same portfolio of crosses i.e. I have 2 terminals open and same charts open on both terminals. On each chart the same EA has been attached.

On one platform the EA is running smoothly, on the other it is giving me several issues:

  1. Whenever the platform is restarted (or just after the week end) the EA is reactivated on some of the crosses but not on the others
  2. The EA seem to be placing random SL on current and pending orders

On the other platform the EA is doing just fine so it does not seem it is an issue with the code. Could there be any issue with the broker server?

Could anybody cast some light?

EA coding is quite a tricky activity. The answer is yes. Sometimes, the same EA may work fine within one broker and show errors with the other. Brokers may change some basics (e.g. minimum lot size, margin requirements and many other variables). You’d better contact the developer of an ea to find out the reason.

Hi SL,

Thank you for the prompt reply. Indeed I thought there could have been an issue with the server, but being me the EA developer, I do not know where to look really. Any tips? :wink:


If you say, the EA is not initialised as required, then you shall check the on_init function. Try re-opening a platform with simple functions, without functions. You have to find where the problem comes from. At first, try creating simple EA with only Print functions (e.g. current time and price for each pair). Then try closing, reopening the platforms.

Is this EA that you bought or developed?

It’s all in the coding buddy. There are high chances that two brokers offering the same platforms can show different results. If you know coding, I’d suggest you go ahead and customize the EA as per your style and then see if there’s any difference.