Can any one make this collection to expert?

hay everyone,
i hope to find help her to convert this idea to expert . the idea is:

  • any pairs
  • any time
  • 2 ema, ema 9 & ema 100
  • open buy when ema 9 cut (crosses up) ema 100, next opening bar from cross
  • open sell when ema 9 cut (crosses down) ema 100 , next opening bar from cross
  • stop-loss 30 pips or next crosses , which is closer
  • take profit 130 pips with trailing stop 30 pips .
    may be i will put something like rsi but when i get the expert and test it

thanks guys, hope Experts help me here

What is your platform? Metatrader 4?

This project looks quite simple, so it might be possible to build it with a free EA builder (generator). Search for ‘free EA builder’ or ‘free EA generator’. I think you may not even need a programmer for that.

yes, it;s metatrader 4

i try make it but didn,t success

Indeed easy to code (even I with only a few hundred hour coding experience could do it)

You should work on your education and your strategy though, because if you code this (and only exactly this) it won’t make a profitable strategy.

Easy readobs why:
Your sl is unclear
You have no money management

You might find someone here who would prgramm it for free (don’t hope to much though), but you better spend some more time in School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading and work out a strategy (and good complete well written strategies wont fit on 1 page, a setup might, but a strategy wont)

Good luck! :23: