Can anyone code a strategy based on a S/D indicator for free

hey there

can anyone code this for free , i think not much coding is needed

i use an indicator (a simple supply demand zone drawer)

it creates rectangles in swing points based on it’s formula and verification system and i want to automate it like this :

when rectangle is created and price is bigger than rectangles highest point then open position
set stoploss below rectangles lowerest point (+ some pips below it ) and TP is set with a RR ratio that is given in EA options menu - adding text boxes for options would be great with XYZ settings
if price comes back into rectangle then add another pending position in 50% of rectangle (like martingle) , a break even function when price goes to 50% of TP , if possible add TP2 too and viceversa for sell (the screenshot is for sell )

if it is possible for you guys please PM me , thanks


I’ll do it!

I love doing stuff for free!! Do you have anything else you want me to do for free?

(This is both sarcasm and a lesson, for free.)