Can anyone criticize my trading journal software?

amano.kenji/brick-trading-journal - contains screnshots of my trading journal software.

This is free for everyone. I want to know what anyone thinks about my software. This post is not an advertisement or a promotion. It is a request for critiques.

I must be pretty stupid because I do not understand the question. What are we supposed to be critiquing, and what is the reason for creating the software, and why?

  • Is it useful for a discretionary trader? I just wanted to know whether it is good enough from other people’s perpsectives.
  • I created the software because I wanted privacy and control. I created it as a better and faster way of tracking trades than microsoft excel which is slow. I think it’s good enough for the reason that I made it for. At least, substantially better than what I could do with microsoft excel.

thanks for quick response. I am not a discretionary trader, so cannot add any value to this post.
Thanks also for explaining what you set out to achieve and why.