Can anyone explain Drag Down difference


In MT4 Backtest there is always different type of drawdown and i always get confuse which one to notice.

Can anyone explain what the difference and which is main drawdown.

  1. Absolute drawdown

  2. Relative drawdown

  3. Maximal drawdown

  4. Peak drawdown

Just seeing this for the first time actually

Hi, check this description. Regards Greg


Good find!

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Thanks for the reference link.

  • Absolute drawdown – the largest loss is below initial deposit value;
  • Maximal drawdown – the largest loss of the local maximum in the deposit currency and in per cents of the deposit;
  • Relative drawdown – the maximal loss in percents of the maximum equity value and its corresponding money value;

But still searching for peak drawdown :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did you find “peak drawdown” factor?


FXBlue link :

peak drawdown is Absolute drawdown, as FX Blue calls it differently. Since you had no fall in value below your initial deposit, nothing is displayed to you here.

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