Can anyone recommend an honest, PAID Forex training course?

I have two amazing trading courses if you would like it. Astro Fx is one of them which is probably the best out there, let me know if you are interested I can show u everything you need

You need a paid course bro. Ive been through it all with this and nobody actually gives the info you need for free. If you are interested I have two amazing courses. I promise you it will be a life changer if you are interested in them. Just let me know so i can show you them

I’m definitely interested in the course you’re talking about. Let me know how I can get it?

Get yourself some kind of Money Management and Risk Management system.

Dont just enter a trade on a whim make sure there is reason behind the trade yuor about to risk your money on…!!!

Remember not every trade is going to be a winner so dont get down when you lose some.

Always start the next trading day as a NEW DAY Reset yourself and go over your money risk management stratergies again before entering Trade.


Check out GhostTraders-gt on YouTube been watching their content its worth it.


  2. Forex tutorials in Youtube
  3. Search udemy


  1. Uncharted Stratagems: Unknown Depths of Forex Trading
  2. Forex Backdoor: 0.5% Profit Per Day


  1. Rob Booker
  2. FXFledgling Forex Study Group

Al Brooks has one. Couple members on here rave about him in general. I’ve tried reading a book of his. It’s tough reading. Maybe the course is easier.

ive heard many people talk about no nonsense forex. but i dont think its paid.

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It is free in Youtube. Not sure if he has an advanced paid seminars.

That’s just videos though, isn’t it? Not an actual course with some structure?

Yep NNFX has alot of content, some of it useful but yes not really structured into a course.

He doesn’t have a course but is coming to London in 2021 for a one day seminar: No Nonsense Forex Live - London 2021 Tickets, Sat 25 Sep 2021 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

Given its low price though I suspect it’ll be him talking at the end of the day preceeded by a total pitchfest…but I might be wrong.

This is the only partner on the event website -

Looks like a prop firm or similar.

Or maybe his broker affiliates. Let us know how it goes!

I doubt I’ll go. Just because there is only 1 ‘partner’ listed doesn’t mean it wont be a pitchfest.

What is it you Really want to know …?
and pay money for…?
“” Rubs Hands vigorously “”

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THE NoNonsenseForex way is a lot of Testing to find the perfect algorithm to get you in and out of a trade. or nor take the trade…!!!

Hi Simon , you are the most respected member of this community and I find your posts very interesting. Can you recommend few course to learn forex trading.

Ravi Ahuja
From UAE

I think the partner firm has a rep here on the website. Let me see if I can find the account. Could just ask directly, ha!

@jb155 Here you go.

He has a thread here.

this is interesting. are you going? how will they do this during covid i wonder