Can anyone recommend an honest, PAID Forex training course?

Hi all,

I’ve done an exhaustive amount of research on under the Forex Education reviews section. The thing is there are a LOT of programs with good reviews. I thought maybe I’d post here and get some insight from you guys on possible recommendations?

I have done the School of Pipsology twice, and have been demo trading for about 6 months now, so I would consider my experience/knowledge level to be beginner, ready to make the step to intermediate. I want to learn how to trade forex, not have someone show me and then just copy their trades. I have all the basic knowledege that is taught in School of Pipsology, so I don’t need anything that spends a lot of time in the beginning on that. I am willing to pay for a quality trading course.

Any suggestions?

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Where are you?

I also never heard of a training course that will be universally praised - some question the merits of training courses per se, others question the merits of specific courses, while those same courses also have their strong advocates. There is no doubt that not all courses are worth the money, but in terms of sifting through the remainder, you will get a pretty confidently-expressed range of opinion.

I took a training course and swear by it, others on here will think that I wasted my money, trouble is that we are all different in terms of how we learn, the support we want, whether we prefer group learning or solo study or a mix of both, how highly we rate coaching, there are many factors. Not trying to sound negative, I am simply saying that even a course with good, documented results will have its detractors, so it ultimately boils down to personal preference.

This being a mostly-anonymous, internet forum, you have no way to check the bona fides of anyone posting an opinion. So by all means use us as a sounding board, just remember that it is your money to invest, so don’t feel afraid to go against the majority. Some would say that that is one of the key qualilties of a successful trader, in any case - the majority view across the population as a whole would be that we should all stop this and find 9-5 jobs, after all!

This discussion generally boils down to two broad schools of thought: a) much of the information taught on the courses is available cheaply/for free elsewhere through a range of internet sources and books. So therefore it is a waste of money giving someone thousands of pounds/dollars whatever to teach you something you can get vastly more cheaply elsewhere, your cash would be better invested in actual trading. Alternatively b) that is all well and good, but it is worth paying a premium to gain that knowledge with some context, some quality control, from an experienced trader who can walk you through step-by-step in person how they trade, why it works, what does not work so well, which elements of knowledge to prioritize, with some trading strategies thrown in, as well as ongoing coaching. There is a lot of great stuff on the internet, but also a lot of rubbish. Also, some aspects of trading knowledge are more important than others. Having someone walk you through all that is helpful to some.

Fact is, there is no definitive right answer, it is down to personal preference.

Another factor is how much seed capital you have. If you are looking to start trading with a small account, say $100 or $200, then a decent training course is beyond your means. If you have $10,000 to invest, then you still have a decent starter pot once you have paid for a course, so you are at least able to consider it.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on, when I started out looking for a course I found it all pretty confusing, so I thought that you might find this helpful.



I follow James de Wet forex systems. He has several ones. I recommend his G7 and/or E75 systems, both covered in his Forex 360 full trading system. He trade (and teach) in live 2 days a week.

I started out like you too. I went through babypips and searched around for different systems. What confounded me was that every system i tried was based on some damn indicator telling me what to do. I never saw any logic behind any of these systems.

Todd Krueger summed it up very clearly… Indicators move because price makes them move.

I finally came across VSA. Volume spread analysis and then the markets made clear sense. Within 2 months I was making consistent profits. Thats not all. I knew where the market was going to move. It’s really that simple believe me.
Its very logical and if you want more information send me a pm and I can guide you to the right direction.

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Or maybe just share what you already know here. Why PM?

pm because I dont know if its allowed to post commercial stuff here or not.

Hey Rickboy,

I can recommend a FREE (up to you that is) BUT HONEST and ‘tell it like it is’ site:!!! YES: they’re my forums and YES I think you’re wasting your time, and money, and effort, trading FOREX but I’m pissed this morning (thanks mostly to the Russell 2000) so at this point I don’t really give a 'sht’.

And the ONLY reason why I HAD to start my OWN forums is because NOBODY here ‘voted’ ENOUGH to have a ‘teensy weensy little old equities and commodities forum’!!!

That (the above) being said: I have to be honest (and disgrace myself I guess) by saying that there ARE INDEED a few FOREX pairs that I’m ‘keeping a keen eye on’.

BabyPips (as I’ve stated numerous times) is my ‘home’. But: I honestly believe that the ‘School’ etc. is intimidating. After all these years (and after HUMUNGOUS losses for the first two or three years or so): I (about two years ago or so) realised that this business (of trading) is not EASY but it’s not DIFFICULT either (I hope that makes ‘logical’ sense to you and anybody else reading this post).

Right. So. There is my ‘solicitation’ for the day!!! LOL!!!

Look: you’ve nothing to lose by checking out my forums let’s face it. And no: you will not be ‘spammed’ (that I guarantee i.e. I’m not in the business of collecting email addresses) and the trading systems ‘presented’ over there were developed my ‘market masters’. That being said: if you’re in this for a ‘quick buck’ then don’t bother (checking out my forums that is) i.e. I’m a L-O-N-G term trader and for most people (that I ‘know’ anyway) that’s not ‘good enough’ i.e. they want to see 900% ROI every day that they trade. It’s just not viable nor sustainable (and if you’ve never trusted anyone else in your life up until now TRUST ME i.e. I ‘speak’ from BITTER experience)!!!

So yeh: that’s my ‘take’ on your query.

Alright: you (the rest of you FOREX traders) can ‘fire the arrows now’ i.e. I’ve got so much ‘Captain’ in me that unless they’ve got FLAMES attached I MYSELF wouldn’t even know if you’ve ‘hit your target’ or not!!! Of course: if they’re FLAMED arrows then I’d probably just go ‘POOF’!!! LOL!!!



900% lol, one too many 0’s :wink: lets be realistic.

Google “Jimmy Young FOREX” he has traded for 20+ years in the major banks and now offers a series of training courses starting at £200 for two days. These are excellent courses, I would highly recommend him and his courses. Anybody who cannot afford £200 for a two day training course with Jimmy or does not think it is worth it should give up FOREX trading, now!

If I can recoomand great free education that teaches price action with supply demand trading. look up for readthemarket. you will find enlightening information about the market.

Dear Rickboy,

Success = 100% money management + 0% market prediction + And a lot of other factors like discipline,expertise etc…

If you are seriously interested in learning to play the odds(unlike betting or other speculative instrumeents forex market is a very good platform,do you know why? you have the option of more reward per risk.Other speculative markets are always against you with less than 1:1 risk reward)

Good luck

Online Trading Academy is great for beginners. They do have live trading sessions where you will trade in front of them and they will give you like stop loss warnings. You constantly have a watchful eye over you to make sure you follow your money management technique. The volume you trade is very low and so is your capital, but it’s good on site practice.

At this stage, it might be hard decision to decide which Institute could be best. Since I am also Forex trader so I can give you some suggestion of institutes which can be helpful for you as I have also taken their services for quite long duration. When I decided to make my career in Forex one of my close friend told me to get some professional courses from Learn Forex Trading | Online forex course | Professional Forex Training. I might say this institute is good enough as providing solutions worldwide along with reasonable price. Apart from this Forex Trading Institute - Bringing together Forex Trader, Analyst, Educationist and Brokers together as a body is also quite popular these days so you can compare both institutes to select your suitable one.

95% of training courses are a waste of time and money, and are run by people that do not know how to trade.


Look at them all coming out of the woodwork. Here try this mob I hear they’re very good. Oh yeah by the way that’s my blog site. Those you can do those who can’t teach.

Reality check here Rickboy, there is nothing these “guru’s” can teach you about trading that you can’t research for free. And they know that. It’s all out there on the net. You are far far better taking that money and starting a micro account and just start trading. I mean go for it bro. The marketplace is at the end of the day is the best teacher out there. But start small my friend. 0.01 lots only. She has some tuff lessons to hand out and you will want to protect your investment best you can. You learn quickly that you don’t like losing even small amounts of your hard cash and do things to prevent that. Research starts to happen and things fall into place. Then one day you wake up, look at your balance and go wow, its grown, gee I’m glad I believed in myself.

Just my view

Online Trading Academy

Follow my trading style and you can gain easily 100% p.a. But that is not the point, I will show you a way of a life! Trading on your own by following and [U][B]UNDERSTANDING[/B][/U] my signals. The strategy works on every market conditions, nothing special just simple technical analysis with strict money management!

The only thing you need to have is discipline and patience!

Not everyday a good setup is triggered, but when then they run mostly in profits, if not you got my “explained” scalp from 8 to 10 pips.

I am looking forward to see you in my Thread and looking my videos and signals.

New way of Signals - Fibonacci Trading on YouTube - 100% p.a. - no Blackbox

Fibonacci Trading Signals

Best wishes

Fibonacci Trading Signals

Not sure how I stumbled on this thread but it does apply to me so although I will be biased I would like to share my thoughts.

Firstly, like has already been mentioned in this thread, what is good and works for one person will not for another and vice versa. BabyPips does a great job with its school and whilst it is great to be aware of all that it teaches you will not need it all in order to trade profitably once you have developed your style. One small example is that I don’t believe in the need for moving averages or any squiggly line indicator, whereas others do believe in them. Either way it makes for two different types of technical analysts and both can be profitable if they are disciplined in their strategy. Then of course you have Fundamental analysts who would be a very different type of trader still.

Personally, I like to keep things as simple as possible and stick to clean charts, support resistance, supply demand style trading with an awareness of the news. My over 9 years of experience has been condensed as best as I can in to a video course, plus custom tools, plus tick data backtesters for speedy and accurate no risk training, plus an optional live room, vps services and more. I named the site ElectroFX and you can find my website via Google or my profile here at BabyPips. (I don’t want to start posting links and breaking any rules here) There are free and paid programs to choose from and it is all very effective if you understand the concepts. BTW, for the next couple of weeks I have a serious promo running.

Best wishes to you and above all remember that even if you try and emulate a profitable trader you will end up with a slightly different take on what he/she is doing as you understand and develop yourself. I see many of my members doing well and trading very similar to me but not the same and all the slightly different takes on what I teach seem to be working just fine :wink:

There are many courses out there, some paid, some free - some good, and some just crap. The truth is, that these forums and various books can teach you a lot. And an even harsher truth is that the bulk of what you can learn in this industry is going to be learned the hard way. One key thing is that you must learn to take a loss and how to manage it. There is no easy way to do this, you must jump in with two feet! The key to this though is that you can limit that first loss by not risking too much.

All that said, learning to manage a winner is just as crucial and will test your discipline. open a demo account with a broker of your choice, try to make sure that they are regulated and allow smaller accounts. Don’t get sucked in by the % bonus matching and bs that’s out there with non US brokers, that’s just a hook/line/sinker thing going on there.

Once you’ve tested out the demo, try and open a live account with a small amount and dedicate that to your learning. If you think about it a course in anything else will actually have you doing the thing in real life> mechanics course> you work on cars, cooking>you cook! You have to do the real thing to learn the best, but make sure you do not risk too much to start, as it is easier to lose than to make money when you start out.