Can anyone recommend an honest, PAID Forex training course?

This is the only partner on the event website -

Looks like a prop firm or similar.

Or maybe his broker affiliates. Let us know how it goes!

I doubt I’ll go. Just because there is only 1 ‘partner’ listed doesn’t mean it wont be a pitchfest.

What is it you Really want to know …?
and pay money for…?
“” Rubs Hands vigorously “”

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THE NoNonsenseForex way is a lot of Testing to find the perfect algorithm to get you in and out of a trade. or nor take the trade…!!!

Hi Simon , you are the most respected member of this community and I find your posts very interesting. Can you recommend few course to learn forex trading.

Ravi Ahuja
From UAE

I think the partner firm has a rep here on the website. Let me see if I can find the account. Could just ask directly, ha!

@jb155 Here you go.

He has a thread here.

this is interesting. are you going? how will they do this during covid i wonder

I think they are hoping that things will be back to normal. Current timeline is that here in the UK all restrictions will be lifted on June 21.

Hello Rickboy,

I was in the same situation as you a couple of months ago, I deeply wanted to learn forex from a mentor but I couldn’t find a “legit” school that would teach me. I kept searching and luckily I found THE school I was looking for.

I have to admit I was skeptical at first but I read a lot of reviews, watched a couple of videos and I thought, why not try it? And honestly I was blown away. I wrote a review about it if you would like to learn more. :slight_smile: The community/school is called Guerrilla Trading. Make sure to find my review on Google from School-of-financial-freedom (dot) com.

Have a nice day!

i hope that is the case. i cant take one more year of this.

Rickboy won’t be replying, as his post was from 2011. Can you share any details about the course here?

I recommend a 100% Free Advanced Forex Trading Course playlist on the ForexSimplified channel on youtube.

Hi Moneydeep, I am interested in your VSA. May I have more detail on that? Thank you.

It may not fit everyone’s style of trading, but I have learned a lot from “The Moving Average” channel on Youtube. Easy to watch and learn from the videos, the guy running the channel has a great story to how he became successful in forex trading.

Coursera provides honest courses. Many brokers themselves are registered in providing courses. Moreover, I’d also like to recommend the courses provided by youtubers - Trading with Rayner and Hannah Forex.

It’s an oldie and super long, but the author is still active here recently. Have a read.

Thank you Dudebro!

Here’s the other one, more recent.