Can anyone recommend

A good place for a practice account? I was using FXCM but it seems hey only offer 30 day trials before you have to go live. (and I’m miles away from ready.)

The only other one I’ve tried so far was from
It wasn’t bad but I found the spreads gigantic and the practice account was a $50,000 account with a 100:1 leverage ratio. I won’t be trading with anywhere near that much money when i go live.

When I browse the boards I see people suggest millions of different brokerages, but what’s the collective opinions purely for training and learning?

thanks a bunch!

Everyone will suggest the one that they are using, since they choose it for a reason.
I use the Swiss broker ac-markets, their demo lasts a month but tell them you are not sure yet and those stuffs and they�ll add another month.
there is a tour video in the home of ac-markets site that explains it, in case you wanna see that before downloading the demo�
Best of luck!

Hi GhandiMartini,

While the demos expire after 30 days, you can register for as many demos as you want. So when the demo expires, just register for a new one.

Thanks and thanks!

If you want MT4, try Alpari’s demo. I don’t remember their policy, but I think as long as you’re not inactive for 3 months, you can use it as long as you wish. If you don’t need MT4, check Oanda… it never ends. Great place to practice, but I’m not fond of their charting.

I recently opened an Alpari demo account. The policy is that the account is deleted after 30 days innactivity. However it only takes a few mins to open a demo account so if one expires you can just open another one.